Our Story



(left to right)  Kati Walsh, Josi Brown, Kassie Parisoe and Keri Sellars

 Founded in 2019, Cracker & Cur was born out of a desire to see the legacy and traditions of the Florida Cracker Cowboy represented in a fresh, authentic way. The Florida "Cracker" dates back to the 19th century and was the term coined for the cowman in this area of the United States. Instead of using lassos, the Cracker would use whips and cur dogs to herd or capture his cattle. Some Floridians whose families have lived in the state for many generations also use the term "Florida Cracker" as a source of pride. Florida has a rich ranching heritage that has been passed through the generations for over 500 years. 

Cracker & Cur is a family-owned business that comes naturally. Our CEO Keri Sellars and her husband are cattle ranchers in Central Florida, as well as her daughter, Kati Walsh, who runs our wholesale division, and her daughter, Josi Brown, our warehouse manager. They are joined by Keri's niece, Kassie Parisoe, who's our graphic designer. We know that Florida is "a different kind of Western" because we live it every day.