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About Us


 Founded in 2019, Cracker & Cur was born out of a desire to see the legacy and traditions of the Florida Cracker Cowboy represented in a fresh, authentic way. The Florida "Cracker" dates back to the 19th century and was the term coined for the cowman in this area of the United States. Instead of using lassos, the Cracker would use whips and cur dogs to herd or capture his cattle. Some Floridians whose families have lived in the state for many generations also use the term "Florida Cracker" as a source of pride.

Native Floridians, whether cattle ranchers or not, withstand humid temps, hurricanes, alligators and mosquitos the size of birds!


Meet the faces of Cracker and Cur!
Left to right:
Keri, is the founder of Cracker and Cur, helps run her husband's cattle and excavating businesses. Keri also joins the cow crew when needed and recently established Restoration Ranch, an equine therapeutic riding center for those with physical and mental special needs.
Kati, mom of three, works as a teacher's assistant at a local charter school and helps run her and her husband's cattle ranching and turf businesses. She also jumps in to help as a ranch hand on the cow crew.
When Josi isn't teaching horseback riding lessons or working with her father's cow crew, she's taking care of the barn, horses and cur dogs. She's also been known to model for our photos every now and then.
Wife and stay-at-home mom of two young kiddos, Kassie does interior design and graphic design on the side. When she visits the family in Central Florida, she makes sure to tag along on the cow crew.